NI Timeline


New Imperium Timeline

Stories listed in chronological order.

19 Years BSW

-1-3 Years ASW

7-9 Years ASW

10-11 Years ASW





Prologue: Dark Matters


Betrayal: Ar'Kell's First Mission

The Krri'Graq Confrontation


Xar Runis' Biography

Past Reckonings, Future Portents








Shadows of the Past (Alternate universe)





Grave Affairs



An Unexpected Visitor




The Flight of Ar'Kell






11 Years ASW

12 Years ASW

13 Years ASW

14 Years ASW





The Search for Kurt

The Return

Upon My Death (JKA)






Darkening Skies

Glimpse of Shadows

Turning Point (JKA)

Into the Nebula

Path of the Fury


The Search for Xar


Shattered Visions

The Clandestine Conflict

Shadow Revealed


Fading Glory

The Search for Mittens

Tides of War

Unwanted Reunion (JKA)

The Return to Mizar




Ancients Waiting


Sins of the Father (JKA)



Traveler on Trial (JKA)



15 Years After Star Wars: A New Hope

The End of Dreams


House Ar’Kell’s Founded in 6 ASW; Split-off in 9 ASW : NI Founded in 7 ASW; Ar’Kell joins in 9 ASW. AD attack in 12 ASW. Plotline ends in 15 ASW.