The Varnus System
Photo: Created by Lt. Tzn (tzn@eunet.yu)

     The NI Jedi Division is based in the Varnus system, on the planet of the same name. The Varnus System is located at the edge of the territories known as the Outer Rim and the Unknown Regions. It is one of the prime capital worlds of the New Imperium, and much business goes on here. One of the most important systems in the NI behind the capital of Tralaria, the system is the home for all the Jedi throughout the NI. The system has a long history. Though records are sketchy at best, it is believed that an ancient war swept through the sector, and that Varnus was one of the focal points for a great battle. Further compounding the mystery is the difference in composition and orbit between the two planets in the system (and the lack of Varnus II's moon). With the recent discovery of a massive repulsor-type device that had been embedded beneath the surface for eons, scientists now speculate that the planet Varnus may not have originated in the system. Instead, it may have been moved here. Whether this is true or not remains to be seen. 
    The recent emergence of a new enemy calling themselves the Altarin'Dakor has sent shockwaves through the NI. Three days after the NI refused an alliance with the new enemy, three massive ships appeared at Varnus and quickly took the system, causing massive losses of the SoH military and destroying all of Varnus' orbital facilties. In addition to this, the Grand Master himself was captured and taken prisoner.  
    Less than a week after Varnus' blockade, a combined force of nearly the entire NI Starfleet appeared and Varnus and was able to drive the attackers off. Recently, a team of Jedi from the Division was able to rescue the Grand Master and bring him back.

In the following days, Varnus saw a huge resurgence of building programs, and new platforms and a drydock have been replaced in orbit. The population and cities continue to grow, making Varnus one of the most developed and populous centers for the New Imperium. Thus, it is of high importance to the NI as a major colony and base. It has withstood several other threats from within and without since the last attack, including a brief threat by the Altarin'Dakor Warlord Velius.

After the Battle of Varnus, the planet's infrastructure and capital of Vectur were severely damaged, but fortunately the system was held intact. Still, the damage to the city means that life won't return to normal for quite some time. The system is under the control and protection of Altarin'Dakor forces led by the Warlord Zalaria, as the NI seeks a way to mount a counterattack against the Altarin'Dakor.

System Specifications
  • Name: Varnus
  • Color: Yellow-orange
  • Size: Main sequence star
  • Planets: 2
Varnus I (Prime)
     Varnus I is a small world hardly worth noting on the charts. However, it is the planet's relationship to Varnus II which has scientists baffled. The planet's orbit is not similar, and it's composition has many differences from the homeworld. It is as if the second planet weren't originally from the system at all. 
     Other than this enigma, Varnus I is unremarkable. It has little mineral value, and is too close to the sun to risk serious miniing operations.
Planetary Specifications
  • PLANET NAME: Varnus Prime
  • FUNCTION: None
  • TYPE: Terrestrial
  • DIAMETER: 4,000 km
  • DISTANCE FROM STAR (AUs): 0.3 to 0.4
  • AXIAL TILT: 14 Degrees
  • ORBIT: Elliptcial
  • WEATHER: None
  • TEMPERATURE: Searing (100 to 250 C)
  • ATMOSPHERE: Type VI (Uninhabitable)
  • HYDROSPHERE: None (0% Free Water)
  • GRAVITY: Very Light (0.4 Standard)
  • TERRAIN: Rock, lava
  • LENGTH OF DAY: 13 Hours
  • LENGTH OF YEAR: 145 Days
  • MOON(S): None
  • STARPORT: None
Varnus II (Varnus)

     The planet Varnus  is very old. For centuries it has been ruled by Monarchs, who passed their kingdoms down through the family. Eventually the entire world was united under a single flag, and the capital city of Vectur was built.It was a beautiful city that sprawled for miles. After the first Battle of Varnus,however, Vectur, along with most of the other large cities, was in ruins, and the world descended into anarchy.  When Ar'Kell and the NI moved in, the planet was restored, and the planetary economy began to thrive again. Varnus is also the homeworld of the Jedi Grand Master and former Diktat Xar Kerensky.
     The attack on Varnus by the Altarin'Dakor destroyed much of the fleet and wiped out all the orbital facilities, including defenses, satellites, and space platforms. But, with the help of NI relief forces, the damage was being repaired and new satellites and orbital facilties were constructed. The ISD Stormwatch, as well as the DGN Lord Keto, remained in orbit to guard against any future attacks. With the arrival of Zalaria's flagship Nexus, Varnus was safe for the time being, but the entire fleet and orbital forces were wiped out in the Battle of Varnus. Now a new fleet formerly belonging to the Warlord Nimrod holds sway in orbit.
     During the NI's recapture of the planet from enemy forces, one of their massive Titan ships was destroyed and fell in the planet's atmosphere. Though limited global damage was caused (and is still being cleaned up), an entire village was wiped out by the impact of the massive vessel. Now, the bulk of the ship's hull protrudes from a crater bay and extends at least twenty kilometers into the sky, and can be seen from orbit. The sole remaining live engine gouts forth a column of smoke 25 hours a day.

It was also discovered recently that Varnus, along with possibly Sigma Prime and others, were not originally from Epsilon Sector, but were transported here using unknown technology in the ancient past. In a similar way as the construction of the Correllian System by Centerpoint Station, a massive repulsor was found on the planet and has been unearthed. Apparently the same kind of technology, caused by an ancient an unknown (although possibly human) race, placed Varnus here as part of a galaxy-wide colonization effort. This also accounts for the lack of a moon around Varnus.

Planetary Specifications
  • PLANET NAME:  Varnus
  • FUNCTION:  Homeworld
  • TYPE:  Terrestrial
  • DIAMETER:  9,500 km
  • DISTANCE FROM STAR (AUs):  1.0 to 1.02
  • AXIAL TILT:  20°
  • SEASONAL CHANGES:  Mild � warm summers, cool winters
  • ORBIT:  Circular
  • PLANETARY WEATHER:  Mild; moderate precipitation
  • TEMPERATURE:  Temperate (-20 to 30C)
  • ATMOSPHERE:  Type I (Breathable)
  • HYDROSPHERE:  Moderate (55% Free Water)
  • GRAVITY:  Standard (.95 standard)
  • TERRAIN:  All
  • LENGTH OF DAY:  25 Standard Hours
  • LENGTH OF YEAR:  353 Local Days
  • MOON(S):  None
  • SAPIENT SPECIES:  Varnusans (Humans)
  • STARPORT: Imperial Class
  • POPULATION:  1,540,000,000 (and rising with constant refugee arrivals)
  • GOVERNMENT:  Monarchy (Kerensky Royal Family), NI Regional Governor
  • TECH LEVEL:  Space
  • MAJOR EXPORTS:  Human resources (officers, laborers, workers, etc), Food
  • MAJOR IMPORTS:  Technology, Weapons, supplies (manufacturing goods)
The ISD Stormwatch in orbit
     The planet Varnus is an old, tectonically stable world. Before the Battle of Varnus, the world had over a billion people, with vast cities that were designed to fit the beautiful landscape. After the planet was bombarded, the world degraded as people found resources become more and more scarce, and the world declined into anarchy. The capital, Vectur, became a home for scavengers. The palace was saved from destruction and its treasures kept safe by Xar Kerensky's uncle, Aron Kerensky. For years the planet continued this decline. When Xar returned he gave the people some hope of survival before he left again. Then, a band of pirates found the system and began stripping away its resources further. It seemed Varnus was doomed. But Xar returned with Clan Ar'Kell, defeated the pirates, and settled on the world. A period of reconstruction began, and over the next months most of the damage was repaired, and the Royal Palace was reconstructed into a beautiful, massive structure. The Jedi have given the people a purpose again, as all over the planet they have begun to work together to restore their world. Varnus is a bustling center of activity more than ever before, and the Varnusans are filled with pride as they work.
     Though the recent attack caused much damage, the buildings and orbital facilities are being reconstructed. Though morale has dropped, the regular populace is little deterred, being used to such damage. The people, well known as survivors,  will help rebuild, as always.
The Royal Palace
     The Royal Palace of Vectur is the main base of operations of the Jedi Division. The old palace was bombed during the battle at Varnus decades years ago. Still, the lower levels were preserved by Xar's uncle, Aron Kerensky. The existing palace was built on the lower levels and roughly according to the blueprints of the original. The Royal Palace has a slighly rustic look popular centuries ago when it was built. The city of Vectur is the largest city on the planet. The many skyscrapers are very tall and colored different hues, from white to light or dark gray. In the center of the city is the Royal Palace. Its lower levels begin right at the city streets, and the ancient levels below the surface extend throughout the whole city. The exterior of the palace is an integration of old and new,  a combination of old castle and the pyramidal Imperial Palace on Coruscant (though on a smaller scale). Inside, the palace has a very Varnusian feel, with Varnusian art and architecture very visible around. White pillars and stone compose much of the interior, and a myriad of colors add flavor to the halls and rooms. There are numerous skylights, palisades, and spires. In the center of the palace itself, a huge tower jutted out of the massive structure, but was brought down during the Battle of Varnus. Some notable areas inside the palace itself are the Council Room, the Grand Audience Hall, the Throne Room, numerous restaurants and pools, recreation areas,  VIP sections, and the massive Library. As the Palace was rebuilt, numerous changes were made to make it better fill its role and be an intimidating presence on the world. This massive structure is  integrated with new technologies, hangars and landing pads and other defense systems. Not only are there landing pads on the west wing, but a secret hangar from which the Division's elite fighter pilots may launch to defend the capital on a moment's notice. The tombs discovered below the Palace are being explored and are revealing more secrets about ancient life on Varnus. The Palace is once again a beautiful structure, with ornate pillars, paintings on the ceiling, and Varnusian artwork once again adorning the walls.   
A Quiet City Street on the outskirts of Vectur