The Sigma System

 The Sigma System is home to the insectile Kaav'Klan, a race of allies that assisted the NI in the Krri'Graq Confrontation. The Sigmans, as they are often referred to, are a very amicable, humor-loving race that have fully joined the NI as a protectorate, and use their advanced building tendencies to the great benefit of the NI. The system is rich in life and natural resources, though only the Sigman homeworld of Kaav'Kalkin is inhabited. Sigma plays a more important role in the NI as the system is being developed.

Recenty, the system has gained importance as a colony world and production center. With the efficiency of Kaav'Klan workers, labor costs have decreased and the Sigmans have greatly helped the NI's industrial production and building of new equipment and products.

A recent attempt to assassinate the Sigman Emperor Virzixl was thwarted thanks to NI forces, including famous pilot Maarek Stele. The would-be coup's leader, Admiral Xantak, was killed before he could take control, and an attempt to destroy the NI's shipyards at Moro by the Admiral was also stopped.

With the recent attacks by Altarin'Dakor in other parts of the Quadrant, including Jengar, the Sigma system is now at a high apparent risk. A valuable world to the NI, it cannot be replaced or evacuated, thus it will likely be a key defensive position. Currently refugees are leaving the planet in advance, heading to Varnus, other NI territories, or fleeing Epsilon Sector entirely.


Notable System Locations
Lush Jungles and Rainforests (Sigman)
Hidden Cities, Imperial Palace (Sigman)
Buried Alien Spacecraft (Mesura)
System Specifications
  • Name:  Sigma 
  • Color:  Green 
  • Size/Magnitude:  Main sequence star 
  • Planets:  4
    • Sigma I (Ixis)
    • Sigma II (Gavron)
    • Sigma III (Sigman)
    • Sigma IV (Mesura)
Sigma I (Ixis)
Ixis is the innermost planet of the Sigma System, and the least remarkable. As with many systems, the inner planet is too close to the sun to contain most life, and harbors little in the range of useful minerals and metals. Ixis is a dust world, with only a thin atmophere that contains the searing temperatures pelting it during the day, and venting the heat off into the void of space at night.
Ixis Specifications
  • Planet Name: Ixis
  • Function: None
  • Type: Terrestrial Dust World
  • Diameter: 7,400 km
  • Distance from star (AUs): .35 to 0.5
  • Axial Tilt: 7 Degrees
  • Seasonal Changes: None
  • Orbit: Elliptical
  • Weather: None
  • Temperature: Scorching (70 to 120 C)
  • Atmosphere: Type IV (Uninhabitable
  • Hydrosphere: None (0% free water)
  • Gravity: Light (0.8 standard)
  • Terrain: Desert 
  • Length of Day: 19 hours
  • Length of Year: 165 days
  • Moon(s): None
  • Sapient Species: None
  • Starport: None
Sigma II (Gavron)
    Gavron is a hot world wrapped in thick layers of toxic clouds, which retain its intense greenhouse effect and corrosive atmosphere. Probe scouts not equipped with special hulls suited to withstand such conditions have been quickly lost. The planet contains a number of valubable gases which are mined from floating platorms hovering in the top levels of the atmosphere, among less-hazardous clouds. It has been compared to Bespin and its famous Cloud City, though this planet is not habitable, and has the very distinct feeling of a mining colony, not a pleasure world. Strangely remarkable, the planet has virtually no axial tilt, a rarety among planets. Thus, there are no seasons, and effects and temperatures remain relatively stable. 
Gavron Specifications
  • Planet Name: Gavron
  • Function: Gas Mining
  • Type: Toxic World
  • Diameter: 9,500 km
  • Distance from star (AUs): .5 to 0.75
  • Axial Tilt: 0 Degrees
  • Seasonal Changes: Mild
  • Orbit: Elliptical
  • Weather: Mild (Low Precipitation)
  • Temperature: Hot (50 to 100 C)
  • Atmosphere: Type IV (Uninhabitable)
  • Hydrosphere: Light (30% Chemical Oceans)
  • Gravity: Standard (0.9 standard)
  • Terrain: Toxic Wasteland, Planet obscured and shrouded by thick clouds
  • Length of Day: 22 hours
  • Length of Year: 260 days
  • Moon(s): None
  • Starport: Stellar Class
  • Population: 120 (Mining Overseers)
  • Government:  Sigman Delegate
  • Major Exports: Compressed gases and Raw Materials
  • Major Imports: All materials for colonial sustainment
Sigma Prime (Kaav'Kalkin)
  Sigman is a pristine, lush, and virtually untouched jungle planet, and the homeworld of the enigmatic Kaav'Klan, or Sigmans. The Sigmans see their planets as a sacred trust to them, and have made every effort possible to preserve its natural beauty. Even their cities are deeply incorporated with the jungle environment, From the air, their cities are hardly even visible, having been structured to blend in with their surroundings. Only the center of their main cities, and the capital where the Imperial Palace resides, do more urban buildings rise above the jungle canopy.  
The Sigmans are allied with and part of the New Imperium, and their starfleet protects their home system as well as assisting other NI forces in the Varnus Quadrant. The Sigmans have a close, but odd relationship with the NI. Many Sigmans have gone on to join various branches of the NI, however most Sigmans constitute a tremendous work force that produces a myriad of items for use by the NI, making it less dependent upon outside sources. While most ships are built by the Krii'Graq, the Sigmans have built themselves a sizable fleet since fully joining the NI.  
 Sigman has a low axial tilt, and its orbit is perfectly circular, keeping seasonal changes to a minimum. This is somewhat of a mystery to scientists, as is its apparent link with Varnus and Erebria, both planets with exactly the same axial tilt and circular orbit. It has been theorized, since the recent discovery of a massive repulsor device on the planet Varnus, that both Sigman and Erebrai have similar devices, and that the planets themselves may have been moved into these star systems at some point. Whether this is true, and to what purpose this was done, remains to be discovered. 

   The Kaav'Klan (Sigmans) 

  The Kaav'Klan are bipedal insectoids with large compound eyes, two antennae, and two primary arms and another smaller set underneath. They walk erect on two legs, and have no wings. They vary in color, from the popular browns and reds, to greens and other bright colors. Despite their differences with the Krri'Graq, they insist they came from a common ancestor race, one that has either died out or moved on to other parts. They are generally very amiable and friendly, and have very developed senses of humor, all these exact opposites of their Krri'Graq cousins.
The Sigmans's history is somewhat of a mystery, even to themselves. Their technology level has remain relatively constant for a long as they can remember, though their biotechnology has advanced over the millenia. They do not have any record of when their existance began on Kaav'Kalkin, or when they and the Krri'Graq broke off from their ancestor race.
Kaav'Klan have made friends with many NI citizens and government officials, and their love of humor has kept ambassadors, politicians, military, and normal citizens reeling in laughter. It is rumored that Grand Master Xar Kerensky, who was Diktat and negotiated the alliance, has made personal friends with both Emperor Virzixl and the official Sigman Ambassador to the NI, Kaviq.

 Typical Sigman: Infrared Image
Sigman Specifications
  • Planet Name: Sigma Prime (Kaav'Kalkin)
  • Function: Homeworld
  • Type: Jungle World
  • Diameter: 13,000 km
  • Distance from star (AUs): 9.9 to 1.04
  • Axial Tilt: 15 degrees
  • Seasonal Changes: Mild
  • Orbit: Circular
  • Weather: Moderate  (Heavy precipitation)
  • Temperature: Warm (5 to 50 C)
  • Atmosphere: Type I (Breathable)
  • Hydrosphere: Moderate (35% Free water)
  • Gravity: Standard (1.05 standard)
  • Terrain: Lush Jungle, Rainforests
  • Length of Day: 30 hours
  • Length of Year: 379 days
  • Moon(s): Kevaz, Unia
  • Sapient Species: Kaav'Klan (Sigmans)
  • Starport: Stellar Class
  • Population: 3,100,000,000 (Kaav'Klan and Humans)
  • Government: Kaav'Klan Emperor Virzixl, NI Governor
  • Tech Level: Space
  • Major Exports: Production, Fruits and Food products
  • Major Imports: High Technology
Sigma IV (Mesura)
    Mesura is an icy wasteland, essentially a giant block of ice and rock molded around a rocky core. Its featureless surface makes the planet look as smooth as an egg from space, and its stark white appearance contrasts against the blackness of space and shines in the green light that bathes it from Sigma. The planet itself is of little use except as to the fields of science and history. The planet has two remarkable features that make it a point of interest on historical charts. A single deep crevice in the surface, actually a small canyon, extends hundreds of kilometers through the planet toward the core. At the bottom of this, encased kilometers deeper still, scientists have discovered what appears to be a massive, ancient alien spacecraft. The vessel's entire outline cannot be drawn, but the ship is estimated to be at least thirty kilometers long and to have been buried up to a hundred thousand years ago. Though a great discovery and one that could shed new light on ancient galactic history, there is no way known to retrieve the ship without blowing up the entire section of the planet, something far too costly and risky to consider. Until technology progresses further, it appears the spacecraft will remain a buried mystery.
Mesura Specifications
  • Planet Name: Mesura
  • Function: None
  • Type: Ice Planet
  • Diameter: 11,500 km
  • Distance from star (AUs): 1.5 to 1.7
  • Axial Tilt: 59 degrees
  • Seasonal Changes: None
  • Orbit: Elliptical
  • Weather: None; No precipitation
  • Temperature: Frigid (-75 to -100 C)
  • Atmosphere: Type IV (Uninhabitable)
  • Hydrosphere: None (No free water, all frozen)
  • Gravity: Standard  (1.05 standard)
  • Terrain: Ice plains, tundras, mountains
  • Length of Day: 30 hours
  • Length of Year: 609 days
  • Moon(s): Fon
  • Sapient Species: None
  • Starport: None
  • Population: 0