The Satyr System

 The Satyr System was colonized during the Old Republic by refugees from the Trade Federation that ran into Varnus Quadrant. Two colonies were founded, one on Haven in the Satyr System, and one on Laan in the Talas System. Both planets were the only uninhabited yet habitable planets at the time, which was about thirty years before the collapse of the Republic. The colonies did well, until the ruthless Krri'Graq spread out from the Moro system and made war on anyone around them, including their Sigman cousins, and cut the lines between the colonies. The Satyr System was subjugated at one point by the Krri'Graq, but was liberated shortly thereafter by combined forces from around the sector that drove the Krri'Graq back until much later. It was then that the Epsilon Trade Corporation moved in to restore business in the quadrant, and established a gas mining colony was established in low orbit of Vengis, and a Golan Class One Space Colony in orbit of Oristal. The system did fairly well until pirate forces moved in during the Galactic Civil War, once again cutting the system off. Minimal business kept the system alive, mostly due to the NI/UGR Conflict, which seemed ready to burst into flame in the system.
     But all that is over now. The NI Star Destroyer Vortex had been placed in as a protector of the planet's freedom, as both sides wished to respect the people's wishes to live a simple, peaceful life. But there was another group that had no such compunction. A new enemy has surfaced that threatens both the NI and the UGR. The Altarin'Dakor, armed with massive titan ships and technologies far beyond our own, made Satyr their first victim to show off their power. Their ships uncloaked near Haven and within an hour subjugated the entire system. The Vortex was obliterated, and the colonies near Vengis and Oristal were ruthlessly wiped out. Then the ships descended upon Haven and wrecked havoc, devastating every city and taking untold numbers hostage. There were few survivors. Those who lived, colonists who walked among the devastation in complete shock, have recieved aid from both NI and UGR relief forces. Most have been taken offworld, though a few remain. The vast majority, however, has simply vanished, abducted by an enemy we don't even understand yet. The atrocious nature of the Altarin'Dakor has already been made clear. We must stop them at all costs.

Notable System Locations
DevastatedSettlements (Haven)
 Swirling Cloud Storms (Vengis)
Derylin Platform (Vengis) - Destroyed
 Golan Space Colony (Oristal) - Destroyed
System Specifications
  • Name:  Satyr 
  • Color:  Red 
  • Size/Magnitude:  Main sequence star 
  • Planets:  4
    • Satyr I (Colimna)
    • Satyr II (Haven)
    • Satyr III (Vengis)
    • Satyr IV (Oristal)
Satyr I (Colimna)
Colimna is a rocky planet rich in radioactive minerals. It is thus potentially of great mining worth to the NI, and a mining base is on the budget. However, the planet may be too radiated and hot to make the process worth the while. Conflict wit the UGR in the system has also put the proposal on the backburner. Thus, while the proposal sits in the NI Senate files, Colimna continues to trace its lonely path around its sun, oblivious to anything else in the universe.
Colimna Specifications
  • Planet Name: Colimna
  • Function: None
  • Type: Radiated World
  • Diameter: 5,500 km
  • Distance from star (AUs): 0.6 to 0.7
  • Axial Tilt: 33 Degrees
  • Seasonal Changes: None
  • Orbit: Elliptical
  • Weather: None
  • Temperature: Searing (90 to 140 C)
  • Atmosphere: Type IV (Uninhabitable
  • Hydrosphere: None (0% free water)
  • Gravity: Light (0.4 standard)
  • Terrain: Cracked surface, dirt and rocky plains
  • Length of Day: 16 hours
  • Length of Year: 175 days
  • Moon(s): None
  • Sapient Species: None
  • Starport: None
Satyr II (Haven)
 Past Information - 
   Haven is the only habitable planet in the Satyr System. It was named by its colonists, who were refugees from the Trade Federation in the latter days of the Old Republic. Though it certainly wasn't a utopia, it was welcome sight for the travelers, weary from their journeys, a haven in which they were safe and could start a new life. Though Haven is a dry planet with few forests or flora, the settlers were able to tap into water sources deep underground and create an agricultural colony that sustains them. While not enough to sell to other systems, they produce enough to keep their colony going. A number of large cities have sprung up, made of basic materials and their buildings rarely more than two or three stories. The Havens are a simple people, and most do not desire the luxuries that many in the galaxy strive to attain. They are satsified with their home, and their not-so-easy life. A few have ventured offworld to seek greater things, but more are content.  
The Havan society is simple as their lifestyle. Their government is small-time and feudal, usually with the differint towns governing themselves. Family structure dominates on Haven, and families run different businesses or agricultural companies where on most planets corporations take hold. A slow trickle of technology has gradually increased the living standard on Haven, improving cultivation and making life a bit easier more recently. Haven is a popular place for those seeking exactly that, those who want to live away from the bustle of the rest of the galaxy and live simply. Rumors of some highly known politicians taking hermitage there have not been proven.
While the Havens are content where they are and reluctant to cast their membership in either the NI or UGR, conflict seems inevitable in the Satyr System. Still, the planet has been declared a neutral zone, like the Space Colony orbiting Oristal, and both sides have unanimously kept this agreement to keep civilians out of the conflict.

  Current Information -
     Haven was devastated. As stated above, there are few survivors remaining on planet. Most colonits who survived the attacks were in complete shock, and terrified to remain in case of another attack. Out of the 595,000 that lived there before, only an estimated 23,000 are still on planet, most of them in hiding.

Haven Specifications
  • Planet Name: Haven
  • Function: Devastated Colony World (Formerly Agricultural)
  • Type: Dry Terrestrial 
  • Diameter: 10,500 km
  • Distance from star (AUs): 0.9 to 1.0
  • Axial Tilt: 21 Degrees
  • Seasonal Changes: Mild
  • Orbit: Elliptical
  • Weather: Light (Very Low Precipitation)
  • Temperature: Warm (15 to 40 C)
  • Atmosphere: Type I (Breathable)
  • Hydrosphere: Small (5% free water)
  • Gravity: Standard (1.0 standard)
  • Terrain: Deserts, Plains
  • Length of Day: 26 hours
  • Length of Year: 345 days
  • Moon(s): Refuge
  • Sapient Species: None (Human Colonized)
  • Starport: Landing Field (None)
  • Population: 23,000 (various species)
  • Government:  None
  • Tech Level: Information
  • Major Exports: None
  • Major Imports: Water, Building supplies, Luxury goods, Technology, Food stuffs.
Satyr III (Vengis)
    Vespus is a large gas giant wracked by a super-turbulent atmosphere. The beautiful multicolored planet is rich in valuable gases, and a Derylin Platform was established by the Epsilon Trade Corporation despite the hazards of the superstorms which trek across the atmosphere. The Derylin Platform used to harvest these gases to sell to other parties, but it was decimated in the Altarin'Dakor attack.
Vengis Specifications
  • Planet Name: Vengis
  • Function: Mining
  • Type: Gas Giant
  • Diameter: 230,500 km
  • Distance from star (AUs): 1.7 to 2.1
  • Axial Tilt: 15 degrees
  • Seasonal Changes: Mild
  • Orbit: Elliptical
  • Weather: Mild (Low precipitation)
  • Temperature: Varied  (-250 to 700 C)
  • Atmosphere: Type IV (Uninhabitable)
  • Hydrosphere: None (0% Free Water)
  • Gravity: Very Heavy (85 standard)
  • Terrain: None (Gas Giant)
  • Length of Day: 280 hours
  • Length of Year: 843 days
  • Moon(s): (5)  Ugire, Joef, Neya, Kelis, Opoe
  • Sapient Species: none
  • Starport: None
  • Population: 0 
  • Government: None
Satyr IV (Oristal)
    Oristal is the outermost planet of the Satyr System, and its second gas giant. While not nearly as large as Vengis, its bright blue color catches the eye nearly as well as its sister-planet's superstorms. No particulartly useful gases were discovered in its atmosphere, so a mining colony was not established. However, the Epsilon Trade Corporation built a Golan Systems' Class One Space Colony in orbit during the Old Republic. At the time, the Satyr System was considered an up-and-coming system, and a vital stop-off point for travel in the Quadrant, which was continually developing. However, when pirate forces cut off supply lines and took over the system, the trade corporation was forced to withdraw from the quadrant and all but abandon the Space Colony. Later on, after the founding of the NI and the UGR, the system saw much more business, and the colony base was put to use again. With the threat of war in the system a real possibility, the base declared neutral territory, and both sides have agreed not to bring military ships within a hundred kilometers of the civilian outpost.
     The invading Altarin'Dakor had no such agreement, however. Their ships approached the starbase and ruthelessly destroyed it, murdering every single one of the 1,700 inhabitants. All that remains in orbit now are small pieces of wreckage.
Oristal Specifications
  • Planet Name: Oristal
  • Function: None (Colony Base)
  • Type: Gas Giant
  • Diameter: 150,000 km
  • Distance from star (AUs): 2.9 to 3.3
  • Axial Tilt: 4 degrees
  • Seasonal Changes: None
  • Orbit: Elliptical
  • Weather: None; No precipitation
  • Temperature: Frigid (-240 to -300 C)
  • Atmosphere: Type IV (Uninhabitable)
  • Hydrosphere: None (No free water)
  • Gravity: Very Heavy (43 standard)
  • Terrain: None (Gast Giant)
  • Length of Day: 85 hours
  • Length of Year: 1375 days
  • Moon(s): (2) Namek, Kaiou, Tenshin
  • Sapient Species: None
  • Starport: None
  • Population: 0 
  • Government: None
  • Tech Level: None