The Moro System

     The Moro System is the homeworld of the insectile Krri'Graq race. Not long after the founding of the NI the Krri'Graq made contact: in the form of an attack! Quickly the NI began counterstrikes to subdue the dangerous Krri'Graq in the NI's relative infancy. In a joint-strike campaign the NI pushed into the Moro system and defeated the Krri'Graq on their own ground. Thanks to Jedi Master Xar Kerensky, who would later serve as Diktat, the Krri'Graq were subdued with minimal losses to NI personnel and most of the Krri'Graq resources intact. Xar Kerensky worked out an agreement with the Queen so that in exchange for her life and the fair treatment of the Krri'Graq, the insects would build resources to produce starships for the NI and to become a major producer for the NI. With the newly-built stardocks in orbit, production is beginning on NI ships at a greatly reduced cost thanks to the productive Krri'Graq living there.

Currently, Moro is the NI's top producer of starships, and an extensive ring of stardocks in orbit has allowed for the construction of even Imperator and Allegiance-class Star Destroyers. However, with the Altarin'Dakor invasion moving in apparent earnest, Moro is in great jeopardy. Some evacuations are already underway, although it would take months to abandon the whole system. Not only is Moro Prime the most populous planet in NI space, but there are bases on Ravick as well, including those of the Jedi House Vortigern and a colony of Renestatian refugees.

Update: As of this writing, the Moro System has fallen to the Altarin'Dakor. A clandestine operation to sabotage the evacuation attempt caused a major disruption in transport and communicaiton lines, followed by a strike by a large AD task force. Though NI forces put up a stiff resistance, they simply could not turn back the overwhelming odds of the enemy. Fortunately, most of the essential ships and personnel were evacuated in time, but virtually all of the under-construction ships were destroyed in the attack. The fall of the Moro System is by far the worst loss NI has suffered in this recent resurgence of the war. Also, the loss of the system isolated Varnus and put the NI in a precarious position. Unless the AD can be pushed back soon, Moro will be used as a staging point for incursions deep into NI territory.

The current status of the Krri'Graq and their queen leader is unknown, but they are no longer under the control of the NI. It is unknown how the AD will treat them as a subjugated race. Fortunately, the Renestation refugees who were based on Ravick were able to evacuate previously, but the Vortigern Jedi base there has been lost.

Primary System Facilities
Main NIoro Shipyards (Moro Prime)
Base of House Vortigern, Jedi Division(Ravick)
System Specifications
  • Name:  Moro 
  • Color:  White 
  • Size/Magnitude:  Main sequence star 
  • Planets:  6
    • Moro I (Cilvin)
    • Moro II (Moro Prime)
    • Moro III (Ravick)
Moro I (Cilvin)
     Cilvin is a small, rocky, volcanic world about .5 AUs from Moro's star. The surface is constantly being changed by the continental plates sinking into the magma beneath. Most of the planet is covered with sharp, craggy peaks and mountains, and massive volcanoes blast ash and lava into orbit. The planet is completely uninhabitable and not worth the use to build a mining colony, as the constantly changing surface could prove disastrous to such an endeavour.
Moro II (Moro Prime)

     Moro is the homeworld of the Krri'Graq and a stronghold for a number of NI operations. It was once a jungle planet with a lush environment and a large variety of both flora and fauna, but through the intense industrialization of the Krri'Graq many of the planet's resources have been depleted. The Krri'Graq live in buildings made of the red-brown mud that now covers most of their world. They are very close to a hive-mind society, as all Krri'Graq are loyal to the Queen and serve her wishes. The Queen is the most important member of their race; they would all gladly sacrifice themselves if only the Queen survived.  
The Krri'Graq are currently working hard for the New Imperium, and the famous stardocks and shipyards that have been built in orbit now supply the vast majority of all new NI capital ship designs. The system is now an indispensible part of the New Imperium resources.

Many ships have come out of the Moro shipyards, including multiple new Star Destroyers of various classes. The planet's population is swelling, and the recent threat of AD attack couldn't have come at a worse time. Moro will likely be a key system in the conflict. An Altarin'Dakor attack is anticipated soon, but it is now known exactly how or when the strike will occur. Until then, many in this system remain in a state of unease and anxiety.

Moro II (Moro Prime) Specifications
  • Planet Name: Moro (Kathiclik)
  • Function: Homeworld
  • Type: Devastated Jungle World
  • Diameter: 11,500 km
  • Distance from star (AUs): .88 to .95
  • Axial Tilt: 13 Degrees
  • Seasonal Changes: Moderate
  • Orbit: Elliptical
  • Weather: Barren (Almost no Precipitation)
  • Temperature: Hot (20 to 45 C)
  • Atmosphere: Type II (Breath Mask Suggested)
  • Hydrosphere: Barren (9% free water)
  • Gravity: Standard (1.05 standard)
  • Terrain: Dirt, Stuggling Jungle Flora
  • Length of Day: 30 hours
  • Length of Year: 258 days
  • Moon(s): None
  • Sapient Species: Krri'Graq
  • Starport: Imperial Class
  • Population: 4,032,080,000 (Krri'Graq), 720,000 (NI Personnell)
  • Government:  NI Governor, Krri'Graq Queen under direction of the NI.
  • Tech Level: Space
  • Major Exports: Raw materials, Industrial Products, Ship and Building Parts, Ships(see below)
  • Major Imports: Food, building materials, Supplies (building supplies), Colonists, and NI Militia
Star Destroyers under contruction at the Moro Shipyards
Moro III (Ravick)

    Ravick is a rock world containing several choice minerals that make it suitable and profitable for a mining colony there. Actually, it was the Krri'Graq that established the colony to supplement the materials gleaned from their own worlds. The colony has been taken over by the New Imperium and continues to transport materials to Moro Prime for production. 
     In addition to this, House Vortigern of the Jedi Division has made its home on Ravick in an extensive underground base. Vortigern has added its own small fleet of ships to assist in the protection of the Moro system. Thanks to one of the NI's Jedi named Jacob Skipper, the base also became a home for many his native people, a group of Renestatian refugees.

With the threat of AD attack, the Vortigern base is under high alert. In addition, the Renestatian refugees are currently being evacuated once again. The fate of Ravick remains uncertain.

Moro III (Ravick) Specifications
  • Planet Name: Ravick
  • Function: Mining Colony
  • Type: Rock World
  • Diameter: 6,250 km
  • Distance from star (AUs): 1.8 2.2
  • Axial Tilt: 30 degrees
  • Seasonal Changes: Mild
  • Orbit: Elliptical
  • Weather: None; No precipitation
  • Temperature: Cold (-70 to -10 C)
  • Atmosphere: Type IV (Spacesuit Required)
  • Hydrosphere: None (No free water)
  • Gravity: Light (0.75 standard)
  • Terrain: Dust plains, mountains, rocky surface
  • Length of Day: 30 hours
  • Length of Year: 510 days
  • Moon(s): none
  • Sapient Species: none
  • Starport: Standard Class
  • Population: 425,000 (Krri'Graq miners and workers), 10,200 NI personnel, 5,000 Renestation refugees
  • Government: Minister-Governor of Moro Prime
  • Tech Level: Space
  • Major Exports: Raw materials, minerals, gems
  • Major Imports: Tech, food, water, other supplies