The Mizar System

     The Mizar System is the most Rimward star system in Epsilon Sector. It is situated at the edge of the sector, beside the Galbagos Nebula, and marks the border with the Great Rift that exists between the main galactic disk and the near spiral arm. The system is also the sector's stronghold for the greatest enemy our galaxy has ever faced, the Altarin'Dakor. There were bases in place both on the second and third worlds in the system. The second planet, and its massive orbital station, which was the base of the Invasion's leader, was killed during the rescue operation of Jedi Master Xar Kerensky of the NI. The third planet, Arcadia, is the primary stronghold. A recent attack by the majority of the New Imperium fleet resulted in the most tragic loss of the war to date. Thus, the system continues to be a threat and a staging point for further AD attacks.
     Though little is known about any of the planets in this system, the following is a close approximation that Intelligence we have gathered and de-classified for NI astrogationists.

Primary System Facilities
Destroyed AD Base Planet (Darklon)
Altarin'Dakor Epsilon Sector Stronghold
System Specifications
  • Name:  Mizar
  • Color:  Pink
  • Size/Magnitude:  Main sequence star 
  • Planets:  3
    • Mizar I (Tholai)
    • Mizar II (Darklon)
    • Mizar III (Arcadia)
Mizar I (Tholai)
     Little is known of this small planet. It has only been viewed from extreme distances, and it is believed that the AD do not occupy the planet, either. We do know that the planet is a radiated world, with very hot temperatures due to its proximity to the star. Apparently of little use, Tholai appears to be devoid of significant activity. 
Tholai Specificaitons
  • Planet Name: Tholai
  • Function: None
  • Type: Radiated Terrestrial
  • Diameter: 5,500 km
  • Distance from star (AUs): .5
  • Axial Tilt: 28 Degrees
  • Seasonal Changes: None
  • Orbit: Circular
  • Weather: Barren (No Precipitation)
  • Temperature: Burning (90 to 145 C)
  • Atmosphere: Type IV (Uninhabitable)
  • Hydrosphere: Barren (0% free water)
  • Gravity: Light (.65 standard)
  • Terrain: Rock, dirt
  • Length of Day: 15 hours
  • Length of Year: 134 days
  • Moon(s): None
  • Sapient Species: None
  • Starport: None
  • Population: 0
Mizar II (Darklon)
     Darklon was a dark, rocky, dead world even before its recent destruction. Little information is available that is not classified at the highest levels. However, we do know that the planet was filled with an army of beings from a race known as the Zelduk, a horrible species created by the Altarin'Dakor. The Warlord Kronos, who was spearheading their Return, had plans to free the Zelduk and use them as troops to swarm across the NI worlds. However, the death of Kronos and the destruction of his space station caused a chain reaction. Apparently, a self-destruct device had been implanted in the planet to prevent the Zelduk's release, and the destruction of the base triggered an explosion which took apart half the planet. Very few Zelduk could have survived the blast. Now it appears that the AD have abandoned the planet, and it floats alone in space as its debris drift further and further apart.
Darklon Specifications
  • Planet Name: Darklon
  • Function: None
  • Type: Destroyed World
  • Diameter: 4,000 km (largest remaining piece)
  • Distance from star (AUs): .8 to 1.0
  • Axial Tilt: Unknown
  • Seasonal Changes: None
  • Orbit: Elliptical
  • Weather: Barren (no Precipitation)
  • Temperature: Frigid (-100 to -200 C)
  • Atmosphere: Type IV (Uninhabitable)
  • Hydrosphere: Barren (0% free water)
  • Gravity: Light (.45 standard)
  • Terrain: Surface consists of black rocks
  • Length of Day: 15 hours (estimate)
  • Length of Year: 348 days (estimate)
  • Moon(s): None
  • Sapient Species: None
  • Starport: None
  • Population: 0 (Unknown number of Zelduk living previously)
Mizar III (Arcadia)

    Arcadia is perfect in almost every sense of the word. Though NI scientists haven't visited the world, readings show that it is just as fertile as planets like Varnus, Corellia, and Erebria, if not more. The planet seems perfectly suited for Human life. And, due to its perfect orbit and other factors, it  has been theorized that the planet was moved here some time in prehistory, just as Varnus, Erebria, and Sigma Prime.

     A recent NI attack here resulted in one of the worst losses of the war. The NI fleet entered the system with the intent of retaliating for the attack at Varnus and to drive the Altarin'Dakor out of Epsilon Sector. Instead, the NI forces were severely damage and routed, with heavy losses including the Vanquisher-class Star Destroyer Virulent. Some information on the planet has been provided by Commadner Maarek Stele, who was temporarily a prisoner here. But until the NI can take full control of the system, the majority of details on this world will remain a mystery...

Arcadia Specifications
  • Planet Name: Arcadia
  • Function: Military Base/Stronghold
  • Type: Terran-standard Jungle/Terrestrial
  • Diameter: 11,000 km
  • Distance from star (AUs): 1.0
  • Axial Tilt: 30 degrees
  • Seasonal Changes: Mild
  • Orbit: Circular
  • Weather: Moderate precipitation
  • Temperature: Warm (0 to 30 C)
  • Atmosphere: Type I (Breathable)
  • Hydrosphere: Moderate (75% free water)
  • Gravity: Standard (1.0 standard)
  • Terrain: All; mostly fertile lands/jungle
  • Length of Day: 24 hours (estimate)
  • Length of Year: 370 days (estimate)
  • Moon(s): none
  • Ring System: Rock/ice bands
  • Sapient Species: Unknown (Humans?)
  • Starport: Altarin'Dakor Class
  • Population: Unknown (Estimated in the billions)
  • Government: Altarin'Dakor - Unknown Warlord
  • Tech Level: ShadowTech/Altarin'Dakor
  • Major Exports: Unknown
  • Major Imports: Unknown