A Brief Guide to the Eridani System


          A fairly unremarkable system. The only inhabited planet is the fourth planet of the System, Epsilon
          Eridani (Eridani IV). The System has rich Asteroid fields and was won from mercenaries after a brief battle. There are four planets in the system, known only by their roman numerals.


Eridani IV – (Epsilon Eridani)

The New Imperium recently took this planet from the mercenaries; as a result, the mercenaries still exist in underground guerilla movements on this planet. The NI Tourist Office heavily advises against travel to this planet due to its current situation. There are daily gun battles in the streets of the main city/town, which is called Junk City for an unknown reason. If you want to meet undesirable elements, this is the place to go…


          There are numerous bars and taverns on this planet, none of which are very good. They are mainly filled with undesirable types, and are best avoided. The better establishments are located near the NI Base in Junk City, which also doubles as the spaceport.


          There are several ways to this system, use you friendly neighborhood smuggler, who no doubt visits this planet regularly, or by hitching a lift on the regular troop transports to this planet. There is no public transport.


End System Report