The Basra System

 The Basra System, a pulsar system, contains only one lifeless planet. However, it does hold a NI refinery in orbit that has become a major source of resource wealth in the quadrant. Recent reports have indicated that this system has also fallen to Altarin'Dakor attack. Apparently the refinery as well as the mining base have been completely obliterated. There are no survivors reported.

Notable System Locations
Basra Refinery Base (destroyed)
System Specifications
  • Name:  Basra
  • Color:  Aqua
  • Size/Magnitude: Pulsar 
  • Planets:  1
    • Basra I (Basra Prime)
Basra I (Basra Prime)

   Basra Prime is a small, rocky planet of little note, except that it is rich in liquid resources that are vital components of starship and starfighter fuel. A large pumping station has been established over an open crevice from which large amounts of crude are extracted. The material is then sent up to Basra Refinery Base in orbit, where it is refined and readied for shipping to various NI planets. The resources will then be used as components in fuels and other uses. The Refinery has recently become self-sufficient, its great accumulated wealth more than enough to sustain the colony. It is one of the richest stations in Varnus Quadrant.

   Basra Refinery Base is constantly under protection by a small fleet of military craft, both privately owned and NI sponsored. They have been sucessful in dealing with all pirater and most smuggler incursions, however they were no sufficient to drive off an Altarin'Dakor task force. Shortly after the reports of Danube's fall, communication was lost with Basra as well. It appears that there were no survivors from the AD attack.

Basra Prime Specifications
  • Planet Name: Basra Prime
  • Function: Mining
  • Type: Rock World
  • Diameter: 7,000 km
  • Distance from star (AUs): 1.6
  • Axial Tilt: 32 Degrees
  • Seasonal Changes: None
  • Orbit: Circular
  • Weather: None
  • Temperature: Frigid (-100-140 C) 
  • Atmosphere: Type IV (Uninhabitable
  • Hydrosphere: None (0% free water)
  • Gravity: Light  (0.5 standard)
  • Terrain: Rocky plains
  • Length of Day: 17 hours
  • Length of Year: 525 days
  • Moon(s): None
  • Sapient Species: None
  • Starport: Limitied Facilities
  • Population: 4,000 (1,000 Mining base, 3,000 in Basra Refinery Base) - now estimated to be zero.
  • Government: Free (overseen by NI authorities)
  • Tech Level: Space
  • Major Exports: Refined fuel, crude products, etc
  • Major Imports: Everything necessary for colonial survival, luxury goods, exotic entertainment