-Powers of the Jedi-

     The following Jedi Powers have been collected from various sources across the galaxy.
These include Holocrons, ancient scrolls, and many other sources, old and new.
    Additional Powers taken from records brought to Varnus from Clan Ar'Kell on Frigg, two Holocrons
found in an ancient storehouse on Moro Prime, the personal meditations of the Grand Master, and
other locations. We have just begun to discover all that can be done using the Force. To reach the
level of Jedi Master is just the beginning. Most of the old Powers, Powers most Masters deny ever
existed, have been lost since the Great War and the havoc wrecked in years after, during the
Hundred-Year Darkness, the Great Hyperspace War, the Sith War, and others.
    Unauthorized teaching of Force Powers to members or non-Jedi Division members alike is a capital offense.
Powers taught only by the GM are marked by an asterisk(*). Upon reaching
a certain rank, members are taught the corresponding Powers by a superior, appointed by the Council or the
Grand Master himself. Yet these are only the beginning. Many of our own records have only been partially
restored, and much, much more lies out there, waiting to be rediscovered. The Jedi Division wil strive to find
what has been lost, and learn as much as possible. Each member is part of that process.

Note: Just because a Jedi has the ability to use a certain power does not mean that the Jedi always does.
When using the Force, a Jedi must keep in mind why and how he/she is using it, as well as the consequences of using it.
These are just as important as which Power a Jedi uses.
The higher Ranks can use the Force Powers of the lower Ranks already attained,
and the strength/mastery of the Power used increases with rank.

*Powers allowed to be taught only by the GM.

#Powers that are prohibited from use because of their dark nature and in some cases, reliance on the Dark Side and/or Sith Magic.

All powers are True Force equivalents to former Dark/Light exclusive powers, unless listed otherwise.

Jedi Master
#Drain Life Essence
Corporeal Translocation
Focus Bomb*
Force Harmony
Energy Blast
Life Bond
Transfer Life*
#Force Storms*
#Transfer Other's Essence*
Create Gravity Well

Jedi Adept
Telekinetic Kill
Force Lightning
Remove Force Imprint
Mental Translocation
#Memory Wipe
Force Weapons
Force Harmony
Force Destruction
Force Shield  

Jedi Paladin
Affect mind
Battle Meditation
Force Lights
#Aura of Uneasiness
Warp Matter
Force Explosive
Force Bolt
Null Gravity (limited flight)

Jedi Crusader
Draw Force
Advanced Lightsaber Combat
Empower Weapon
Force Charged Strike
Reduce Injury
Electronic Manipulation
Memory Enhancement
Strengthen Object
Dim Another's Senses
Projected Fighting
Block Force Ability
Track Hyperspace Trail
Sense Disturbance

Jedi Templar
Alternate Light Weapons
Transfer Force
in Hibernation Trance
Return to Consciousness
Cell Burst
Project Force/Sphere of Projection
Sense Force Potential
Sensory Overload

Jedi Knight
Lightsaber Combat
Life Web
Force Sense :
Weather Sense
Combat Sense
Life Sense
Danger Sense
Shift Sense
Radar Sense
Cyber Sense
Direction Sense
Time Sense
Truth Sense
Death Sense
Weight Sense
Natural Disaster Sense

Instinctive Astrogation
Beast Languages
Absorb/Dissipate Energy
Control Disease
Detoxify Poison
Control Breathing
Enhance Attribute/Skill (Force Speed, Force Jump, Strength, Senses, Coordination, etc.)
Force of Will
Reduce Injury
Sense Path

Accelerate Healing
Hibernation Trance
Life Detection

Control Pain
Remain Conscious

Initiate (N/A)

The powers listed under each rank must be learned and in most cases
mastered before the member can reach that particular rank.
These listed are some of the not so well-known powers as well. Many powers
have been lost and have yet to be rediscovered, and some are relatively new.

Jedi Battle Meditation
This power allows the Jedi to sink into a lower state of conciousness, where all
concentration is upon the battle.
Jedi Battle Meditation is a force skill that was taught to students only as one of the final
steps in training. Usually, by the time a Jedi learns the art of Lightsaber combat, the
jedi would also have learned the Jedi Battle Meditation. This is a Light Side power, and
by it's very nature cannot be used for evil (since anger, rage, and other inherently evil
acts would disturb the Jedi's trance and bring him/her/it out of the trance). Also, this
skill was practiced widely by Jedi in the time of the Old Republic. It was taught on the
Jedi learning center on Ossus. But, the skill may have been lost during the Great
Purge. Only Jedi that survived the Purge would have knowledge of the skill, and may
teach it.

Force Charged Strike

Powers Required: Emptiness or Rage, Absorb/Dissipate Energy
This power allows a jedi to make a force-charged strike against an enemy.
 Any results due to failure to hit one's target are unknown.
This data was given to us by Master Skywalker
through his short (42pp) treatise on his accounts before the fall of the Empire. It is
mentioned there might have been an accompanying red glow at the area of force


Force power allowing user to convert force energy to another form of energy.
*The user of this power must be in contact with the thing being powered.
*This power may be kept up.
This power enables a force user to convert force energy into some other form of
energy. This enables the user to fire a blaster or wield a lightsaber which has a dead
power pack. Of course if an item is over powered, it could burn out or even explode,
under power the item and it may fail to function or function inefficiently. Note that
this power is not restricted to electrical energy, any kind of energy can be produced,
but this power does not enable the user to do force lightning, project heat from their
eyes or even project a beam of light from an open palm. It can only be used to power
some sort of powered item.

Corporeal Translocation

Required Powers: Absorb/dissipate energy, accelerate another's healing, accelerate
healing, control another's pain, control pain, doppleganger, emptiness or rage,
farseeing, force of will, hibernation trance, instinctive astrogation, life detection, life
sense, magnify senses, mental translocation, projective telepathy, receptive telepathy,
remain conscious, return another to consciousness, sense force, shift sense, telekinesis,
transfer force
This power effectively transports the Jedi over long distances.
This is one of the most difficult powers a Jedi can learn. This power allows disassembly
of the Jedi's constituent molecules. The power then transports them a given distance
and reassembles them. The Force user effectively enters hyperspace (although this is
not actually known) and can move the constituent atoms as a 10x hyperdrive. Note
that nearby gravity wells have no effect on thispower. A different mechanism seems to
be used for short distances (on a planet for example). Generally, the user must be
familiar with the destination, preferable having visited and studied it before.

Drain Life

This power will drain the life from any organic based living form, or the life from any
sentient being, whether carbon-based or not. Only very alien races might be immune
to this power

Mental Translocation

Required Powers: Emptiness or rage, farseeing, hibernation trance, instinctive
astrogation, life detection, life sense, magnify senses, projective telepathy, remain
conscious, shift sense
When using this power, the Jedi's mind can leave his/her/its body and travel away
from it in any direction and through any physical obstacle. The physical universe
cannot harm the Jedi's mind (unless hypnotic/brainwashing or mind-affecting stimuli
are perceived).
The Jedi uses the Force to perceive the suroundings, essentially duplicating the
function of normal sensory organs. However, due to the complexity of this power, the
Jedi can only use two ``non-interactive'' senses to perceive the environment (Jedi's
choice; e.g. vision and audition). The sense of touch, or any sense that would require
``interaction'' with the environment cannot be used. Attempts to use ``interactive''
senses results in only one sense being available.
If this too is an interactive sense, the

Jedi is totally blind and cannot return to the body (the Jedi has no senses).
The user's body dehydrates and hungers at twice the normal rate. The only method
of detecting the presence of the incorporeal Jedi is by using Life Detection. Obviously,
detection of the Jed in this manner is nearly always accidental. This skill cannot be
used to inhabit bodies other than the original host. Also, while using Mental
Translocation, the body is very susceptible to the Force power Transfer Life.


This is the ability to telepathically get information, from an object or location, about its
past. Information about past users, actions taken place there, etcetera, can be
The Jedi must be in contact with the object in some way (touching, holding, etc), or
must be in the location in question. Dead bodies are objects and can be read using this
power, but it will not work on a living creature. Although nothing says that you can't
use it to read the objects on the person, to find out what kind of person they are.This
power may be kept up.

Remove Force Imprint

Required Powers: Hibernation trance, postcognition, sense force
This power removes the Force imprint left by a Force user (or the ambient imprint) on
an object or area.
This power requires intense meditation and the Jedi must go into a trance to erase all
of the
imprint over long periods of time. Short breaks may be taken every week to eat

and drink, but the power must be ``kept up'' and the delay must not be more than 10
minutes. While in the Remove Force Imprint trance, the Jedi must not be distracted by
any large stimulus (e.g. a loud bang or shout, a slap, an extremely strong smell, etc.).
After finishing, the Jedi should leave the vicinity of the object or area, preferably
within 24 hours. Contact longer than this increases the probablility of a new Force
imprint being created. Using the Force near the object or area, after erasing the
imprint creates a new imprint.
Removing the Force imprint of a Force Nexus, especially a Dark Side Nexus (like the
Dagobah Cave) is extremely dangerous for your mental health.

Strengthen Object

Required Powers: Telekinesis
This power strengthens and reinforces the structure of an object. Some Jedi have
discovered that is can also be used to weaken objects in a similar manner.
Using the Force, the Jedi reinforces the inter- and intra-molecular bonds in the
object. The object has the same density, volume, and mass as before, but it takes more
energy to break the bonds holding the object together. This is a relatively basic skill
and is usually taught early in a Jedi's studies. This reinforcment strenghtens the object
versus shearing forces, stress, or disintegration/disassociation by high energies.

This Force Power may be used on living matter. However, because the various
enzymatic and chemical reactions, and protein interactions in living tissue are strongly
inhibited, use of this Force Power on living tissue is very damaging. For example:
Oxygen (or other vital gases) no longer dissassocites from carrier molecules, causing
oxygen-starvation. Hormones and neurotransmitters will not disassociate from
receptor proteins. Blood cells will coaggulate on the blood vessel walls. DNA strands
cannot be separated for transcription to RNA--thus halting protein synthesis. There are
very few organisms that can withstand such inhibition of chemical reactions.

Warp Matter

This power allows the Jedi to mold a volume of matter to a new shape.
The Jedi must be able to touch some part of the object to be molded. This power does
not destroy the matter, it merely changes its shape or position (much like a very
advanced telekinesis). The effect is permanant.
This Jedi is literally changing the world around them. This power coaxes millions of
atoms and molecules to move controlling each particle. The fact that it is easier for the
Jedi to affect the volume of matter as a whole rather than as distinct particles is
reflected in the harder difficulty of managing gases with this power as oppossed to
some solids or liquids.

Force Weapons

Required Powers: Force Lightning, Absorb/Dissipate Energy, Transfer
Force, any other powers needed by these powers
This power utilizes pure Force energy to create a weapon powered by the Force.
This can be used for any blaster or lightsaber (and similar energy weapons). The Dark
Jedi uses his Control to energize the weapon, and a blade or blaster bolt of pure Force
is created. The weapons used for this acts identically to their real varieties in all
respects. Each weapon must be specially created like a lightsaber, but a Dark Jedi
can make a real weapon into the same structure. Use of this power does not harm any
internal weapon components.

Transfer Other's Essence

This power can only be used on dead or dying subjects. It depends on the
circumstances. This power may be used as a precursor to Brainwash, to create
guard creatures such as the ones that guard the Sith Homeworld and the ancient
Massassi temples on Yavin 4


This power specially prepares an object or organism for further manipulation with the
force. This power may be used as a precursor for the power Transfer Other's Essence.


This power, in effect makes the subject a slave to the character.
In it's very nature, this is a dark side power and it reflects that in it's results. This
power is a permanent version of the power, Control Mind.
This power can be used in conjunction with Transfer Other's Essence to create beings
for whatever purpose the character requires. The organism effected by this spell does
not lose any of its origional skills or skill levels. If the user of this power dies, and the
subject of the power was sentient, than it is free of his containment. If the subject was
a creature, it will continue what it's master had "programed" it to do, but it will also
reproduce and then teach it's offspring to follow it's master programmed commands.

 Other powers (Discovered by the NI)
 Absorb Force Energy
 This is an evil and dangerous power, passed to the GM by his master. It has been banned and no longer
listed as an official Jedi Division Force power, since it requires the Dark Side to be used.
 In order to absorb another's Force energy, the subject whose powers are being absorbed must be killed.
This is one reason that this power has been reviled and purged from nearly all accounts.

 Illusions may be used to render an opponent harmless or disable an enemy without killing.
 Illusions are all in the victim's mind, and usually invole the morphing of some object our of proportion or plaguing
upon an enemy's' phobias.


Compulsion is an advanced form of mind control, that can last for much longer periods than mind manipulation (up to
). Compulsion makes the victim want to help the user in any way possible, from answering questions to

performing duties. This powerful skill is banned from use in the New Imperium and is most likely known only to Grand Masters.

 Rumored powers - These powers are legends themselves. If any in the Jedi Division knows them,
they have not revealed their knowledge of it as yet.

     Warp Time/Space



 There are many other powers rumored to exist, and it is certain that we only know a fraction of what used to be everyday
 powers among the ancient Jedi. In the future, more powers may be learned. In that case, they will be added here.

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