Introduction to the Plotline


This page contains essential information that you will need before starting out. There are numerous concepts and terms that will be used throughout the stories that may be unfamiliar to those not acquainted with the New Imperium. Please take the time to read and digest the information presented, so you will have the best reading experience possible. If you understand the introduction, it will vastly increase your enjoyment (and understanding) of the Plotline itself.

 The New Imperium didn’t used to just be a fan-fiction website; it was a Star Wars gaming club with several member groups and hundreds of members. These stories were originally intended as the groups’ plot-line for gaming and events, and tie in closely with events that happened in the New Imperium clubs. They contained real people, events, and other aspects that were used within the New Imperium community. A lot of that has been edited out of these new versions, to make the story more understandable for the common reader. This is in some ways an experiment: to our knowledge, a synthesis of an epic storyline intertwined with real groups in an interactive plotline has never before been done. Your experience and feedback on the Plotline will help to change and refine future stories. Elements seen in fiction, such as character development, plot, viewpoint, and many others are strong aspects in the plotline. Tragic and life-changing events happen in characters' lives. Our objective is to create a storyline set in the Star Wars universe with almost no limits. Join us in discovering whether our experiment is successful.

Another important note is the chronology of the stories. The Legacy of Ar'Kell stories happen before the main plotline, and record many important past events and characters that will continue to have effects later on. The Legend of Ar'Kell stories (as well as Xar Runis’ Biography) are some of my earliest work (in fact, part one of the biography was my first fictional work dating back when I was 16-17), and will not be up to the high standards of quality that the more recent stories are. If you choose to read these, keep that in mind and do not let it dissuade you from reading the excellent later stories. An interesting note would be seeing the author's skills improve as you advance through the various stories. If, however, you just want to get into the meat of the Plotline and the higher quality stories, you may start with either The Confrontation or Awakenings.

 Concepts and Terms

  Organizations: There are several factions in and around New Imperium space, occupying Epsilon Sector. At first, the New Imperium is made up of several disparate former-Imperial factions that have banded together out of necessity in order to survive and carve out a new home in the galaxy. These groups, although united under a common government, do not always agree. They generally pursue the goal of freedom and harmony and have broken all ties with the Empire proper. However, that does not mean there are not problems and conflicts within. Over the course of its history, the New Imperium has been occupied by various fleets, governments and organizations unified under one flag. These groups consists of the Intruder Wing (who fly captured New Republic ships), Admiral Caramon Majere’s fleet (who fled from Byss after the Emperor’s death), the New Corporate Sector Authority (a group of former CSA companies who fled the CSA’s oppression), the Jedi Division begun by House Ar’Kell (who fled the Dark Brotherhood), the Star Vipers (another Remnant faction composed of many non-humans), the Dark Lightning Strike Fleet (founded by Ryskar D’larit, son of one of Thyferra’s wealthies Tycoons and an ex-Imperial officer), and others that may be rarely mentioned.  Don't let all these names and abbreviations confuse you, however. You will not be plunged into the Plotline without some explanation of the organizations involved.
   The New Imperium is not alone; there are other factions throughout Epsilon Sector. Bordering NI space is the New Republic. Throughout the storyline, tensions between the NI and the NR will often flare into conflict. Several systems have changed hands as a result of these battles.
  Another group which makes itself known slowly and methodically throughout the series is the Altarin'Dakor. Since this is a major part of the Plotline, not much can be revealed about this group here. Our knowledge of them will develop over the course of the Plotline itself.

  Characters: Most characters used in this storyline are original. Many were former members of the New Imperium online community, but this has little bearing on their status and development as characters. (You may occasionally note their names posting on the Run-on stories, for example) Some characters are occasionally referred to by their aliases (such as pilot callsigns or taken Jedi names). These characters will be introduced by their whole names, or in some cases, their real names will be used. There shouldn't be any real confusion because of this. Examples of prominent characters you'll see using this are listed below:
 Xar "Sauron" Runis. Hereditary ruler of the planet Varnus and the first Grand Master of the Jedi Division. His alias stems from an Ancient Varnusian legend.
 Mathis "Billbob"Organa. Surviving kin of the Organa family from Alderaan, his name is a compilation of his dead cousins. He blames Leia Solo for the destruction of Alderaan, and through trial and fire ended up with Xar. Probably Xar’s closest friend, he is Deputy Grand Master of the Jedi Division. His name is a combination of his cousins, Billaris, and Bobarus, who both died on Alderaan.
  Ryskar "Scourge" D'larit. Member of the ruling bacta cartel, who turned against the Rebels after the death of his wife. Diktat and leader of the Dark Lightning Strike Fleet.
  Side note: Altarin'Dakor, as a general principle, only use single names. This is illustrated in characters like Turles, Kronos, Kletian, Zalaria, etc.

 Some officially-recognized Star Wars characters do make an appearance, and some will be prominent characters. Maarek Stele, and others. This can include a cameo appearance by Luke Skywalker, or they can be main characters, such as Maarek Stele, the famous Imperial TIE Pilot you play in Lucasart's space sim, Tie Fighter.

 Chronology and use of resources

  Don't just read the plotline stories through. After you finish a story, check the timeline to see if there are any side or run-on stories you'd like to read that occur in between. Since works of this quality and size take months to complete, other events are happening in the meantime. Check the timeline to ensure that you don't miss anything too important. Also make often references to the Sector Map, NI Database of information and terms, Art Gallery, and other resources. You will often find tidbits that are going on which will add to your experience of the story and familiarize yourself with the people and locations that are used in the stories. At this point, there is so much information and history, and so many characters, that it is hard for the average reader to keep track of it all. The Plotline Database and Sector map will help you in these areas. Finally, if there’s any question or issue you can’t find an answer to, just ask!