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A thousand generations ago...
The Altarin'Dakor, a group of ancient and evil warriors who were scoured from the galaxy at the cost of untold numbers of lives. Exiled for millenia, they have returned, lead by the powerful Immortal Warlords who instigated the First Great Schism of the Jedi. They have vowed revenge for their defeat, and will stop at nothing until they have subjugated every free soul in the galaxy...

This site features artwork inspired by The Return, the story of the was between the New Imperium and the Altarin'Dakor. Herein you can view the technology of the AD, their fighters, their massive Titans, as well as other characters, lightsabers, and many other images.

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All pictures copyright New Imperium; and artists Darkstar and Amason.


Small and deadly, Starfighters often turn the tide in the battle...

Altarin'Dakor Starfighter: Stilleto

One of the AD's most common fighters, codenamed the Stilleto by the New Imperium, is also one of the most advanced, and packs a considerable punch. It is dangerous against both NI fighters and smaller capital ships, and is just as at home in the atmosphere as in deep space. Armed with beam weapons and mass drivers, these ships are very maneuverable and very deadly to any pilot who encounters one.

Altarion'Dakor Starfighter: Archon

The most powerful AD fighter yet built, this is the prototype that Maarek Stele flies, introduced in Ancient's Waiting. It is more maneuverable and more powerful than any other Altarin'Dakor starfighter. Vastly superior in both weaponly and combat system, the Archon can wipe out entire squadrons in seconds. It is armed with four Xyrilan Beam Weapons strong enough to cleave a ship in two, along with two rotating mass driver cannons and missiles for backup fire. The hull armor is self-regenerating. Yet its most dangerous advantage is the Archon System onboard, which links the pilot's mind with the fighter itself, molding them into a deadly, unstoppable war machine.

New Imperium Starfighter: TIE Avatar

Designed by CEO Walt Amason and the Phoenix Technologies Corporation, the TIE Avatar was created to provide a space superiority fighter with the firepower and abilities of the TIE Defender, the strongest Imperial starfighter, without the high cost of the latter. The TIE Avatar fuses a Missile Boat-style fuselage with inverted TIE Advanced solar panels. This reduces cost and provides more space for the power plant and vital systems. The Avatar boasts quad laser cannons and two ion cannons, along with two missile slots. It also has a secret weapon: a one-use, five-count heavy rocket launcher above the cockpit, which can be used to assist in bombing runs on capital ships. While not as maneuverable or as fast as a TIE Defender, the TIE Avatar provides much of the same performance and more firepower for less cost, making this the new staple fighter of the New Imperium Starfleet.

A new variant of the TIE Avatar has been recently adapted to incorporate Altarin'Dakor technologies. With an AD-grade power plant, the quad lasers have been changed out for continuous-fire beam weapons. As a result, the ion cannons have been removed to save energy, being deemed unnecessary. A third variant recently being tested increases the Avatar's beam weapons to six and includes two ion cannons as well, though the heavy rocket launcher has been removed, and the ship wouldn't have sufficient energy to fire all of its weapons at the same time (see image).

Other Altarin'Dakor Fighter classes
A Jedicon starfighter, codenamed Widowmaker by the NI. Suited for space combat, it is highly maneuverable with four beam weapons. Flown by the most elite Jedicon pilots, they are a most deadly combination. Two more standard AD fighters, the Javelin-class bomber and Dirk-class fighter. An Altarin'Dakor stealth fighter with full cloaking ability. This ship, codenamed Wraith, is deadly and best utilized in surprise attacks. A Nightstar, an Altarin'Dakor heavy fighter. With six beam emplacements and heavy defenses, this ship has accounted for countless NI losses. It is also used by the Crinn, who employ a mass driver-mounted variant.

Titan-class Battleships
The mightiest of all Altarin'Dakor warships, Titans are 30-50+ kilometers in length and bristling with enough weapons to level whole worlds. Ancient vessels crewed by millions and with thousands of fighters and support craft, they represent the pinnacle of Altarin'Dakor military might.

The Nexus, flagship of the Warlord Zalaria. 45 kilometers in length. Brought into Epsilon Sector when she defected to the NI. Now in the service of the New Imperium.

The Warlord Nimrod's massive flagship, the Grand Crusader, brought into play in the Battle of Varnus. 52 kilometers in length.

The 50-kilometer-long Titan Cataclysm, the ship that devastated the NI  at the Battle of Mizar. It was then drafted into the service of the Warlord Nimrod.
The Harbinger, former flagship of the Mordachus. It was seized by the Warlord Strife when he killed the other Warlord. The Warhawk, a Titan belonging to the Warlord Akargan. 46 kilometers in length. The Nightlord, belonging to the Warlord Asellus. She used her fleet to devastate the Ssi-Ruuvi and worlds in the Unknown Regions. This ship sports a Mauler-class weapon, seen here.
Another ship, the Vertigo, in an NI scout's flight recorder in the Galbagos Nebula. Length estimated at 31 kilometers. The same ship, exiting ultraspace The Devastator, Titan belonging to Kronos. 32 kilometers in length. It was part of the attack on Varnus which drove the Jedi out of their base system. Later attacked by the combined forces of the entire New Imperium, it was crippled and crash-landed on the surface of  Varnus.

Major Rivian Donitz, NI Pilot. Sketch of an Altarin'Dakor Jedicon. Sketch of the Altarin'Dakor Warlord Raftina.


Items, technology, ships and others
A TIE Advanced succumbs to an AD fusion beam. The SSD Independence and fleet in orbit of Tralaria, NI Capital. The SSD Independence with escorts in the Galbagos Nebula.
The NI's newest capital ship, the Majestic-class cruiser, a weapon designed to counter AD Titans. The ship is built around a huge mass driver cannon, which yield massive damage and can penetrate AD shields. The personal lightsaber of Jedi Grand Master Xar Kerenesky. Assembled from rare materials, including organic elements, this is one of the most powerful lightsabers in the known galaxy. Powered by a famous ilum crystal which he procured. Another view of Xar's lightsaber.

This is the standard-cut uniform of the New Imperial officer. Uniform of an Initiate in the Jedi Order. Jedi Knight uniform, with lightsaber.
Jedi Master uniform. Master's Uniform with sash of honor. NI Pilot's uniform style. This particular one belongs to Commander Maarek Stele.
  Full Ceremonial uniform with all available medals and awards.  

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