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The New NI Run-on Story!

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PostPosted: Sun May 11, 2008 3:56 am   Post subject: The New NI Run-on Story!   

Okay guys,

Jeremy(Icis, Rex) and I were brainstorming this evening about what to do for the new NI Run-on. We have an unfinished Run-on in the Archives ("Into the Nebula") but 1) that story is set quite a while ago, and 2) we'd kind of like to do it as a horror story, which would be hard to do as a run-on, so Jeremy wants to write it himself. Instead, we'd like to do a new run-on set in the current time period, one that happens right now. The only problem is that right now, the NI is preparing for a climactic battle on Varnus. Most of the main characters are accounted for and busy doing things. And almost all of the Jedi are on Varnus itself. The NI is locked in a war in both the eastern and western areas of Epsilon Sector. But that also gives us a setting in which a lot of different stories could happen.

So I want to get everyone's input on how we should do this story. Let's collaborate, see what we can come up with, lay out a general design, and THEN start working. That way things don't seem to happen randomly.

One idea we were kicking around is that, while we're preparing on Varnus, we receive some kind of distress signal. One of our members or perhaps someone's family members are trapped behind enemy lines, perhaps on one of the captured NI worlds like Jengar, Pax, or Sigma. Something we wouldn't send the military into, but something that 4 or 5 Jedi would be sent out to investigate or rescue. Once they get there, they can accomplish their mission, or perhaps not, but along the way discover something important, maybe some piece of intelligence about the AD or the impending attack, and the missions changes into something bigger, but that can still be resolved within a short time span.

That's just one idea. Anyone comments or other ideas for the story? There are just a few guidelines for the story that we'd like to keep in order to give it structure and keep it in continuity.

First, it needs to be something that the characters could complete in about a week's time, so they can be back on Varnus in time for the big battle that is to come. Secondly, it wouldn't involve any of the main characters directly, because most of them are accounted for in the main stories (they are *doing* something already). It also shouldn't involve our own personal characters, to avoid any conflict of interest or unfair focus (ever notice how people like to focus on *their* character and the story ends up being totally jumbled?) Finally, since we've done a lot of comedies and such in the past, let's make this one a straight adventure story, something pretty exciting. There will be some comedic moments, but the story wouldn't be as off the wall as, say, "Search for Mittens" or "Clandestine Conflict".

I'm thinking we can give some depth to some of the characters we haven't seen much of until now. For example, Amleth Uiara, Sturm Brightblade, Neres Warjan, Vykk Olyronn, Draken Ar'Kell, Val Ricaud, Varanus Templar. We could also use maybe Kiz Thrakus, Vynd Archaron, Draggar Jontaar Domi, Colin Moore, and anyone else Jedi Knight ranked or less.
"Main" characters and ones who are specifically doing other things, we probably don't want to include in it. For example, Xar Kerensky, Icis Novitaar, Mathis Organa, Alyx Misnera, Jinx, Rynn Mariel, Atridd Xoan, Gaius, Dogar, Rytor, etc. It kind of limits what we can do, but if we set the story "now", it is a tough time period unless we use minor or original characters. However, we can do just a short story now, for fun, and then after the Battle of Varnus, things will be more open and we can go in different directions.

So... Let me know what you think. I'd love to get more people involved in the writing thing again, and I'm really looking forward to writing with you guys!

- Josh
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PostPosted: Tue May 20, 2008 9:54 pm   Post subject: Re: The New NI Run-on Story!   

Okay, I registered another username for actually doing postings, so it won't sound quite so "official" as posting as newimperium.

Well, we haven't gotten any feedback on the Run-on idea as of yet, so I figured I would go ahead and make the first post and see where we go from there. Then I had a burst of inspiration and found the answer to the theme we were looking for before! So scratch the part about it being so serious, I don't mind lots of comedy as long as we have fun and a great adventure. And I believe this would be the perfect Run-on story to set at this point in the storyline... :mrgreen:

So, without further ado, here we go!

Royal Palace
Vectur, Varnus
1040 Hours

Sturm Brightblade shouldered his way through the throng filling the hallways of the palace's main level, a cacophony of noise filling the air and making it impossible to concentrate. Beings of all shapes and sizes crowded the palace now that so many had fled to Varnus in the face of impending Altarin'Dakor invasion. Many were refugees. The city was so overflowing with them the Grand Master had started allowing them inside. Now there were humans in dirty, stained clothing, insectile Sigmans, birdlike Dareeks, and a spattering of Duros, Gotals, Togorians, Twi'leks - virtually the entire spectrum. They were starting to outnumber even the numerous palace workers, and definitely overwhelmed the few Jedi occupying the place. Although every able-bodied Force-Sensitive had been summoned back here, there were still barely a hundred Jedi in the Division, situated in a palace made to hold thousands of people. Now the place was bustling at point that Sturm had never seen before, creating a stuffy air with smells he wasn't used to.

Entering the main foyer, Sturm pushed his way through a queue of people waiting for the turbolift, brushing past flowing robes and clinking trinkets, and flashed his ID to the guard at the door. As a Jedi Paladin and Quaestor, on official business no less, he was automatically bumped to the head of the queue, though a pair of hard-eyed Barabels at the front of the line didn't seem happy to let him cut in line. Sturm swallowed once, nodded to the guard, then stepped into the lift and gave a sigh of relief as the doors swooshed closed behind him and he felt the cool air conditioning once more.

He quickly ascended towards the upper levels, scanning his ID once again to gain access past the civilian floors. When the doors parted once more, he quickly jogged toward the command center, where the Kensai and Head of Special Ops had summoned him.

The doors slid open, and suddenly Sturm was inside the brain center of the planet Varnus and the Jedi Division. A round room thirty meters in diameter and offering windows and viewscreens on all sides, it was a place of organized chaos. Scanners constantly monitored the space around the system for signs of enemy activity. Relations and Resources tried to keep stock of everyone coming in, determining where they needed to go, and resolving the inevitable disputes that came up between beings of various species.

And standing near the center of the chamber, near a large terminal and holoprojector, were Adepts Kiz Thrakus and Gui Sun Paan. The latter spotted him first and waved him over, and Sturm quickly descended the steps down to the main floor and took stock of the small gathering around them. Also present were Paladin Neres Warjan, Quaestor of House Castellan, Paladin Draken Ar'Kell, Knight Varanus Templar, and attractively feminine Twi'lek Guardian Yarna Slomion, all three from Ar'Kell. It seemed everyone was waiting for him. Indeed, Thrakus spoke up as he came to a halt in front of them.

"Ah, Sturm. Just in time," the Kensai said. "We were just getting started. I'm sorry to draw everyone out like this, as I know we're all busy with preparations. There is, however, an issue that has come up and we feel that it needs to be addressed. Master Kerensky told me to assemble a crack team for a mission, and you are the best that I could assemble under the circumstances."

At the surprised expressions surrounding him, Thrakus cleared his throat and continued. "Ah, well. I didn't mean it exactly that way." He glanced at Paan, who was biting his lip to avoid smiling. "At any rate, I will let Adept Paan here handle the briefing from here on. It is, after all, something of a special operations assignment."

With a nod to the other man, Thrakus stepped back as Paan regained his composure and began.

"Gentlebeings, we have had something of a minor emergency come up. As you know, Jengar fell to the AD attack there just a couple of weeks ago. We thought just about everyone got out, but early this morning we intercepted a transmission beamed from the former Ar'Kell stronghold of Eaglespyre."

As Strum and the other Ar'Kellians especially watched in fascination, Paan touched a key on the holodisplay beside him. The screen flashed into static, then resolved into the face of an overweight-looking man with a bushy mustache that hid his entire upper lip. The man's face was panicked, and the image itself was garbled with static, presumably from enemy jamming attempts.

"Can anyone hear me?" the man asked frantically. He glanced over his shoulder, then looked back desperately at the camera. "I am stuck here on Jengar, and those Altarin-whatchamacallits are overrunning the whole planet! They've even nuked City Hall, and I barely made it out alive!"

Sturm immediately felt a sinking feeling in his stomach. To his chagrin, and unless some universal paradox had just occurred and he had gone crazy, he knew exactly who the figure on the screen was. Just before they had fled the planet, a half-mad genius engineer and would-be mayor - one Thad Balfin - had been campaigning on the steps of City Hall. Everyone had wondered whether or not he'd gotten out okay, though no one had heard from him since. Now there was no doubt as to his fate.

"Please, if you can hear me! Or... or see me, or sense me, or whatever else you Jedi can do... I am in Palace Eaglespyre and I'm in hiding here alone! Please help me! You've got to get me out of here before the AD come in and..." The image suddenly vanished in a burst of static, and there was silence.

Looking away from the screen towards the assembled Jedi, Gui Sun Paan had a grave expression on his face. "That is where the message ends. As you can see, this is a highly irregular and dangerous mission I am sending you on. Normally we could not risk it in the face of everything that is happening here, but I have received orders from the Grand Master himself. It appears he has a... soft spot, you might say, for Balfin.

"Therefore, we are going to go in there and get him out. We don't know what kind of presence the enemy has on Jengar, but being that it is a relatively unpopulated world, and the AD have already moved on deeper into NI space, there is a chance that a small team could make it in and extract him safely. This mission will take us deep into enemy lines, but with our AD friends brought by Zalaria we should be able to get the equipment necessary to ensure your success. However, I do not want to force this upon any of you should you not wish to put your lives on the line. If you back out now, I will understand. Otherwise, I am placing Sturm Brightblade as leader of this operation and authorizing you to assemble whatever materials and additional team members you may need." He glanced at Sturm, his eyebrows rising. "What do you think, Quaestor?"

Sturm thought a moment, then glanced at the other assembled Jedi. Each of them seemed to weigh the matter in their heads, but one by one the Ar'Kellians looked at their leader and gave resolute nods. Neres was only a second behind. Sturm was proud of them.

"Sir," he addressed Paan, "We will gladly accept this mission. Give me a few hours to get my team ready and we'll be at your disposal."

"Very well," Paan replied. "We leave at 1930 hours this evening."

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