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Some Stuff I Found on an Old CD

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PostPosted: Sun Jul 06, 2008 1:36 am   Post subject: Some Stuff I Found on an Old CD   

Don't actually remember writing these first two, but sticking lines in google doesn't turn up anything, so I'm pretty sure I didn't just rip off someone else:P

Cry to the heavens! Be not satisfied with one word,
one deed, one more broken promise. When you reach a river, ford,
and emerge clean and fresh on the other side. Take your future,
grasp it tight, let it fly, smash it, reattach the disparate parts
in a pattern only you can enjoy. Ignore the others, their weak hearts
cannot fathom what you must go through, every day, every minute, every second.

Cry to the heavens! And I will answer, come when beckoned,
to complete you, to ease your pain. Your wounds I will suture,
your bruises I will heal, with your problems will I deal.

Cry to the hells! Be not feared when they cry back,
a horrendous call of hate and pain from that legion pack.
For I will stand in front of you, behind you, beside you.
Your shield, your support, your comrade in battle.
From us will they flee, thundering over Elysium as cattle.

Cry to me! And in my arms will you find rest, and love.
Your lips I will kiss, your body will I caress,
And in times of silence I will be there to hear your voice,
to talk of anything and everything, a shoulder to lean on,
cry into, cling to in times of need. And when all is gone,
I will add my voice to yours to cry to the heavens.


Why do you haunt my dreams?
Your ready laugh, perfect lips,
Skin made more beautiful by the tiny imperfections,
Twinkling, mischevious eyes,
To be beheld by them is the ultimate prize.

Your personality intrigues me,
Your intelligence exhilarating.
The way your hair plays and hides your face when loose,
Revealing the treasure beneath when gathered back.
To be more than just a friend to you,
That is my desire, continually repressed under a gentleman's facade.

I hate my body, my mind with it!
When will I cut loose, when will I lose the control
that others praise in me?
When will I be able to tell you how I feel,
with no thought of conseqeunce, and pray,
Pray that your answer be good,
and no longer leave me lurking in the shadow beneath your balcony,
afraid, unable to step into the light of your presence.

My name was actually on this last one - wrote it for a girl I loved and lost freshman year.

To you I apologize
For the words,
Parting the air as birds,
Writhing, worming into ears,
Assailing hearts, erecting fears.

To you I apologize
For the deeds,
Unguided and errant,
Scattering like spilt beads,
Leaving behind naught but a memory of noise.

To you I apologize
For the love.
The love that you craved,
The gauntlet you braved
Led you only down,
Past the fires of that hellish town.

You wished for a lover
Who would love no other,
But I, the poor soul set to try,
Would no more, but make you cry.

To you, I apologize.
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