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Plotline Questions!

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PostPosted: Thu Apr 24, 2008 3:52 am   Post subject: Plotline Questions!   

Post any NI Plotline-related questions you have here!

Also up for discussion: Your favorite characters, scenes, stories, etc. What characters would you like to see focused on in the future? What kind of events would you like to see? Your input can help affect the story!
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PostPosted: Mon May 05, 2008 10:12 am   Post subject: Re: Plotline Questions!   

I see that I am there and I am MIA ^__^
Errrr... I'd like to work on something (a runon maybe, or just I can do the job, but gimme some hints ^^) on what happened to R McR... because he'll be back ^__^

[Bows], Roger McReed
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PostPosted: Fri May 09, 2008 4:46 am   Post subject: Re: Plotline Questions!   

Good question! :P

Roger went MIA as of the latest story; if you read "Shattered Visions" you see in the prologue that he's been captured by the Altarin'Dakor and is being held onboard one of their Titan-class Battleships. As for his fate, it is to be revealed in the next couple of stories that are released. Message me if you have any detailed questions. ;)

As for a Run-on... I wouldn't mind getting one started. I would like to get a few more people on here who can contribute, though. Usually on these things the more people participating, the more fun it is. :)
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PostPosted: Fri May 09, 2008 4:57 am   Post subject: Re: Plotline Questions!   

Is there a quick-notes outline of what the current state of things is, and where people are?

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PostPosted: Sat May 10, 2008 6:46 am   Post subject: Re: Plotline Questions!   

Good question! :P

Here, I'll write it up right now. To catch up on the most recent events, when the major AD invasion begins, read the last three stories, "Darkening Skies", "Path of Fury", and "Shattered Visions".

By the way, I have uploaded a new, updated Dramatis Personae for the main page, which is up to date, and includes all the Jedi in their respective houses, now. In addition, I have uploaded an extra Dramatis Personae with notes for each character that I use as reference when I'm writing them. I've uploaded that just for us writers at

Here's a quick recap of the last three stories. This might get long. I will try and post these somewhere and keep adding to them as we go:

In Darkening Skies:

The AD launch their attack by taking Danube and Basra, wiping out everyone in those systems. We get our first glimpses into the AD military and are introduced to their fighter ace, Kamren Thansil.
Meanwhile, onboard the Nexus, the NI War Cabinet meets to learn about the Warlord Nimrod and discuss war strategies. It is decided to focus the NI's defense on Sigma and Varnus while evacuating all other systems as soon as possible.
SA Gaius and the First Fleet will oversee evacuations and protect the key systems in Varnus Quadrant. War Coordinator Arfann Dogar and SA Stan take the Second Fleet "west" toward Naroon Quadrant to defend those systems and act as a safeguard in case Tralaria (the capital) is attacked.
On Varnus, Xar and the Council are pushing Jedi training and preparation to the max, to try and get them ready to fight the AD. Some of Zalaria's Jedicon are helping them train. Adepts Kiz Thrakus and Jacob "Jinx" Skipper discuss their doubts about the Jedi's readiness to fight.
Xar summons Jinx to his office and asks him to return to Moro, which Jinx is the overseer, and begin evacuations ASAP. Unfinished ships must be scrapped, House Vortigern and the Renastasian refugees must be brought to Varnus. The NI cannot defend the key systems of Varnus, Sigma, and Moro altogether. Though unhappy with this, Jinx goes to Moro.
Diktat Rytor meets with Queklain, a Warlord who has returned from the dead, and is controlling him. His secretary, Bruckmack, is becoming suspicious about the newcomer.
Maarek Stele and his Inferno Squadron are on Jengar overseeing evacuations when it is attacked. They manage to escape, but Jengar falls to the enemy.
Nimrod is sending his top-ranked Jedicon to sabotage the NI and conduct secret missions, including assassinate the Diktat, Gene Rytor.
END of "Darkening Skies"


"Path of the Fury"

Two Jedicon attempt to break into the Diktat's quarters to kill him. Queklain intervenes and stops them both. A large section of the Senate Complex is destroyed in the fight.
Maarek Stele and Inferno Squad have been assigned to help evacuate Laan in the Talas System next. The AD attack there quickly, and after a harrowing chase through the planet's canyon system, they escape.
The Jedi continue to train on Varnus. Xar is getting more and more desperate and obsessed with stopping the AD. We get an update on Rynn Mariel and her training with Bren in Jedi Battle Meditation. They have sworn away from violence, vowing not to fight themselves, but try and stop the AD though a different way.
SA Gaius takes the SSD Independence to Moro to help the evacuations.
On Moro, Jinx is overseeing the evacuation process and meets briefly with Colonel Donitz, who is flying missions in the system. Then, when Gaius arrives, Jinx meets with him and gives him an update. Then Jinx goes down to the surface to make sure the Krri'Graq are ready.
On the surface, one of Nimrod's Jedicon, Nobien, sneaks inside the Krri'Graq compound, kills the Queen's guards, and frees her. The Queen summons all Krri'Graq warriors to her to prepare for battle.
Gaius learns about the attack, when suddenly the Moro shipyards and dry docks began to explode one by one, destroyed by bombs planed by AD saboteurs. Then an invading AD fleet arrives, led by the Titan Desolation.
Meanwhile on Moro in the Compound, Jinx arrives with Jedi Knight Sutel Cloake to investigate, and runs into the Jedicon Nobien. They fight with the Jedicon, who kills Sutel, and fight to a stalemate, at which point Nobien escapes. Jinx returns to the Independence.
In orbit, a huge battle ensues with Gaius leading the First Fleet to defend Moro against the AD. Donitz leads the NI fighter squadrons. The Majestic-class cruisers inflict heavy damage on the Titan until a second one, the Annihilator, arrives, and the NI is forced to abandon Moro.
The AD drop an antimatter bomb onto the Krri'Graq compound, wiping them all out.
The refugees arrive on Varnus, where an emergency meeting takes place.
Meanwhile, on Tralaria, Secretary Bruckmack discovers that Diktat Rytor is actually working for the AD.
END of "Path of Fury"


"Shattered Visions"

GM Alyx Misnera has sent a team of Jedi to Pax to investigate why the system has cut all communications with the NI. When they arrive, they discover the system has defected to the AD and are ambushed by Jedicon. Nearly all are killed, including Gascutone, Guan "Havoc" Narsh, Niksavel. Roger Macreed and JK Brajo are captured by Nimrod's top Jedicon Cindlin and Nikla.
Meanwhile on Varnus, all the command officers meet to discuss new strategies, and Donitz proposes that the NI use cloaked World Devastators to try and penetrate a Titan and destroy it from the inside. Walt Amason agrees to head up the plan. Suddenly they get word about Pax, but it is too late to help. Sigma is under attack and SA Gaius is already on the way to help.
At Sigma, two Titans (Ascendancy and Hegemony) are assaulting the Sigman homeworld and the First Fleet intercepts. Maarek Stele leads Inferno Squad to rescue the Sigman Emperor Virzixl and launch a counterattack. They make good progress at first, until the Titan gets close and opens up with its big guns. The NI takes heavy losses. Maarek and Kamren Thansil meet in combat, and Kamren kills one of Maarek's squad members. However just when it seems Maarek will be shot down, his second rescues him and they both survive to fight another day.
Jedi Master Nico returns to Varnus and finds that almost all the Jedi in the NI have gathered there. They have all been ordered back to help defend Varnus against impending attack. Nico still does not realize that he had been captured and brainwashed by the Warlord Queklain to help Rytor get into power. At any rate, all the Jedi have gathered here, including Jinx, who after losing Moro has decided to focus exclusively on his Jedi duties for the time being.
Xar and Zalaria talk about the state of things, and Zalaria teaches him more about the Warlords, including their leader Altima and their mysterious source of Immortality, the Entity.
Meanwhile, NI forces at Sigma are defeated and are forced to retreat. Sigma falls to the AD. The fleet returns to Varnus.
NI Command decided to activate Operation Spear, the cloaked World Devastator mission.
Meanwhile, in Naroon Quadrant, SA Dogar and SA Stan discover that Nimrod's forces are attacking on the OTHER side of the nebula, as well, in the "west" area. All quadrants except Naroon have been taken, effectively cutting the NI's territory nearly in half. Dogar and the commands of the Second Fleet decide to make a stand on either Rilke or Lorn.
Meanwhile, Roger Macreed and JK Brajo are still trapped onboard the Titan Desolation.
And on Tralaria, Secretary Brucmack sends out an emergency message to Xar, trying to warn him about the Diktat's treachery. Once he finishes, however, Queklain finds him, and quietly disposes of the pesky secretary by tossing him out a window.
Finally, Nimrod gathers his finest Jedicon together and sends them to Varnus, to begin the climactic battle that will make or break the NI...

The story, and the preparation for the big battle coming on Varnus, will continue in the next chapter, "Fading Glory".


Here's a list of where people are right now.

On Varnus:

All the Jedi in the Jedi list, unless they are listed elsewhere on here. Everyone is hunkering down in preparation for the big battle that is to come.
This includes GM Xar Kerensky, GM Alyx Misnera, Jinx, Vynd Archaron, Nico Flygras, Icis Novitaar, Bren (Lasitus), Zalaria, Atridd Xoan, Rynn Mariel, Ralagos Akala, Nova, Jac Railler (who is actually Kir Kanos), Sturm Brightblade, Amleth Uiara.... you get the idea.

In orbit around Varnus:

(on the Nexus)

FA Jann Percy (Logistics Officer)
Field Marshal Rodin Kaler (Ground Forces Commander)
CEOs Walt Amason and Silverfox K'bail
Admiral Awel Kylar - COMM of the Nexus

(on the SSD Independence)
SA Gaius Adonai, Fleet Commander of the First Fleet
FA Arden Vonture - head of Task Force Independence

Admiral Aaron Melvar - COMM of ISD Stormwatch

In the Second Fleet (in Naroon Quadrant):

SA Arfann Dogar - War Coordinator
SA Stan Sanders - Fleet Commander of the Second Fleet

FA S’cill Shokfer – commander of Task Force Serpent
FA Tam Eulicid – head of Task Force Darkstar
Admiral Jingo Yatai - COMM of Darkstar

Overseeing NI World defense in Naroon Quadrant:
FA Caramon Majere, commander of Task Force Ravenspyre

On Tralaria:

Diktat Gene Rytor

Captured onboard the AD Titan Desolation: Roger Macreed and Brajo
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