Shadows of the Past

What if...?
Over a year before the New Imperium's founding, the House Ar'Kell was one of the most powerful houses in the Dark Jedi Brotherhood.
Shortly after Xar's promotion to Aedile of Ar'Kell, in between "Betrayal: Ar'Kell's First Mission" and "Past Reckonings, Future Portents," Xar left to return to his homeworld of Varnus. But on the way, he was confronted by a rogue Jedi named Cain who had been convinced Xar had killed his wife. Cain forced a confrontation with Xar, and a fierce battle ensued. Icis Novitaar, the Traveler, also known as Novitaar, stepped in at the final moment and interfered, saving Xar from the madman's attack. But what if he hadn't interfered? How might things have turned out, and how different would they have been?

This story shows what might have happened if things had turned out differently. Xar falls down a dark path of revenge that will pit him against Star Wars' central hero, and meanwhile the Altarin'Dakor invasion begins - in a different region of space, and much earlier! Who will survive? We shall see...