The Second Great War: 1 - Darkening Skies

The storm arrives and casts a dark shadow over the New Imperium. The Danube and Basra systems have fallen. As new Diktat Rytor, Minister of War Dogar, and the newly-restructured NI War Cabinet desperately try to implement a defensive strategy, the fearsome Warlord Nimrod's elite Altarin'Dakor strike forces assemble and descend into NI space with a fury. Their next target appears to be the planet Jengar. But with Maarek Stele and his squadron blacklisted and placed there on backwater patrol, what will they do when the enemy comes storming in? Meanwhile, Nimrod readies his battle plans - unorthodox plans that even Zalaria may not expect. The ShokThola Nimrod will mercilessly wipe out everything in his path, unless the disparate New Imperial forces can band together to stop him - and even then it might not be enough. Who will survive?