The Return: 9 - Harbinger

As the New Imperium desperately prepares for all-out war, Nimrod is about to begin the invasion with renewed vigor. Returning to the New Imperium with Zalaria and a contingent of Altarin’Dakor forces, Xar tries to train a cadre of Jedi with which to repel the enemy. But not everything is going smoothly, and both the Jedi Division and the entire New Imperium are on the verge of tearing themselves apart due to internal dissent. And amid the tension and confusion, a mysterious new group arrives to help the NI, with news of an ancient Force artifact that could completely end the threat of war. A team of Jedi assembles to locate this legendary relic, but can they make it in time? And what happens when yet another Warlord arrives searching for the same artifact?!