(Power Society)

        The Altarin‘Dakor (Servants of Power) are divided into three main groups. Workers (Daktien), Warriors (Voxavit), and Jedicon. The Workers can be subdivided into a number of work teams that supply resources to the other groups. The Warriors can be subdivided into a number of groups covering a wide range of military and police uses. Finally, the Jedicon are used by the Warlords to keep the Workers and Warriors under control. At birth, by certain genetic testing and other factors (yet unknown) Workers, Warriors, and Jedicon are divided. Warriors are taken to their respective Warlord’s military group where they are raised and trained for a specific military task. They study their whole life to do this. Workers are sent to “farms” where they learn their trades. They are then dispersed into the work force. Jedicon are separated from the other children and are then taken to the “temples” of the respective Warlords where they are raised and trained. Training in the Force begins at a very young age, giving them great Force potential.

        From birth the Workers are raised in a religion, that worships their particular Warlord. In each Worker’s home will be found a shrine to that Warlord, and that Warlord’s current Code which they will read, study, and meditate on. The Code is a book of rules regulations, thoughts, theories, and anything else that the Warlords want to put out. Because they are trained to do this from birth, are reinforced by the Jedicon’s display of Force power, and are constantly going through a regimen of day to day life brain washing, they are fully confident that their Warlord is a god. The physiological/Force induced mind control used on the Workers allows them to work to their limit. They only have the necessary time for sleep, meals, personal maintenance, and time for worshipping the Warlord. They have no vacations, no time off. This is of course because they have been brain washed, because of the mind control they work themselves to the point of death. Worker jobs include mining, construction, farming and agriculture, clerical, and others. Once they have lost their productivity, they are harvested as an offering to the Entity. They are constantly in the process of breeding to supply the Entity with food. For this reason very few females ever do anything but make and take care of children. The Workers are not aware that anything besides their particular homeworld exists among the stars. They are kept isolated to keep them weak, manageable. They believe that outgoing ships carry sacrifices to their Warlord, and incoming ships are return gifts from the Warlord. Their mental training allows them to accept this and ignore all signs that they are not alone. They view the Jedicon as priests and emissaries from their respective gods. Ranks of Workers are no different from ranks of workers anywhere else. There are team leaders, bosses, managers, directors, and such. The ultimate goal for a Worker is to attain the highest political, managerial possession. Such as an aid to a planetary governor, who they view as a king established by their Warlord, their “god”. Because of their driving ambition, regardless of the training, they are known to conspire against one another in an attempt to rise to the top. As the Warlords see it, the best will rise to the top, and the weak will be trodden down and harvested for the Entity.

        The Jedicon are the most informed of the masses. They know the full extent of the mind control used on the Workers, and they know of the misleading of the Warriors. They are above both. They are in the loop. They are under no form of mind control; they perform it. They follow for a very similar reason to the Workers and Warriors: ambition. They seek to be the highest ranking of all the Jedicon, next only to the Warlords. They see the Warlords as a great commander, full of power.

        A small number of Jedicon may suspect that they can eventually overthrow one of the Warlords and take their place, such as Turles. Most of the Jedicon in the know, however, realize that their power is comparable to mere insects next to the Warlords.

        The Force users as a group are known as the Jedicon (True Jedi). The Jedicon are divided into three basic ranks, the Misot’Dakor (Lesser Servants), the Naguis’Dakor (Full Servants), and the Kodonn’Dakor (Greater Servants). The Jedicon have basically three purposes, the first of which is to manage the Workers, and act as a secret police to the Warriors. The second is as servants and attachés to the Warlords. The third purpose is to act as an elite strike force. For Jedicon of the first purpose of the Workers, one would eventually rise to the rank of planetary governor, system governor, and sector governor. Above these would be one of the Warlord governors. Jedicons who are secret police to the Warriors would attain rank quickly, soon becoming Commanders, Generals, and the only ones capable of gaining the ranks of Vox’Donn (War Commander), and Vox’Indant (War General). Above these are the military Warlords themselves. The Jedicon that are assistants and attaches to the Warlords rise from Seitann (Herald), to Kodonn’Seitann (Emissary), to various ranks of assistant/attaché position. They also work as servants and special honor guards for the Warlords. Finally, the strike force leaders are ranked along NI comparable positions and in their Jedicon ranks. This is the most dangerous field, but the fastest way to achieve rank. Though they do not have an ultimate form, they can transfer to one of the other fields to attain the highest ranks. Likewise, Jedicon can transfer in from other fields. It is a common tactic to transfer for a short period of time in order to boost one’s position and then transfer back before anything seriously threatening occurs. At birth the Jedicon are given full body tattoos. The tattoos are modified, as the Jedicon attains rank to reflect their increasing power. The designs become more elaborate and consume more of the body. They can be removed if one is demoted.